Gus plays the OMARINA ukelele

Photography: Kirstin Anna Kubczynski Kerr
The Half n Half by Hair For Heroes
Dress:Velvet Elvis
Ukulele: Omarina
Nails: DIY Nails 
Model: Stephanie

When our friend Gus (from YouTube sensation Gus & Fin) dropped in recently, we persuaded him to give us a little blast...

...and tune it up for us!

The OMARINA Uke is now available (as tuned by Gus!) in our OMARINA store.

Update: SOLD!!!

OM Silk Scarf

Double silk crepe biker scarf incorporating our brand new OMARINA logo made for actress Skye Cooper Barr on her 21st birthday.

OMARINA Cowboy Boots

Our ferocious custom cowboy boots were snapped up by stylist Greg Milne after a Hair for Heroes shoot for which they were especially made. For the uninitiated, Greg is the dashing co-owner of We Love to Boogie.

OMARINA Exhibition Closing Soiree - All Welcome!

Tomorrow (Saturday 31st) is the very last day of our Omar Zingaro Bhatia / OMARINA two month long exhibition at Inverarity Wine and Cigar Shop 185 Bath Street. If you're in town, do pop along and join us for a glass of wine. As well as the current Gypsy biker collection, we'll have our brand new treasure trove of OMARINA gypsy jewellery! 

(Basement next to Bunker 12 - 4pm - all welcome!) Xx

For "Dark Hearts"

The OMARINA "Dark Heart" valentines card
Available from Inverarity Wine & Cigar shop, 185 Bath Street, Glasgow.